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Turning 18 – A once in a lifetime event that every girl dreams of!

In diverse societies, a girl’s "big day" is known as her wedding day. There are big dresses, flowers, speeches, and tears. It is prepared for months and she is made to feel like a princess. But in here in the Philippines, many girls don’t have to wait that long. Eighteenth birthdays are a huge celebration, called ‘the debut’.

Tale as old as time...

Many generations ago in the Philippines, debuts were also a method of introducing a young lady to society as a woman — one then eligible for marriage at the age of 18. It is a grand celebration where families and friends gather to celebrate with the debutant.

Debuts are a chance for families to present their daughters as a member of society.

Traditions and twists

Today, the debut is a fashionable lady’s celebration of her 18th birthday as she enters the age of adulthood. Traditionally, the debutant wears a sensational ball gown and is encircled by family and friends throughout a program that includes a cotillion by the entourage, programs such as 18 roses, 18 candles, and 18 gifts. Today, these are already modernized and the 18 program is already customizable. The latest addition to the program is the 18 blue-bills, and 18 shots.

Final Thoughts

A debut is not just about beautiful dresses and grand celebration, it is also important to be surrounded by people who love the debutant the most. The party is only a way of saying that the debutant is loved and valued by the people in her lives.

We at South Country Garden ensures that our debutants will enjoy this special moment in their lives. Being 18 is a once in a lifetime event and we aim to provide you with all your debut needs. Feel free to send us a message for more information.

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