Live each moment of your special occasion.

Our catering and planning team will be there to assist you from the moment you arrive until your guests leave with only beautiful memories of your event. Our dedicated event planner will be on-site to make sure that every detail discussed, from the decor, planned menu to the service, is perfectly implemented and proceeding according to schedule. Our usher and staff are attentive to any guest needs that may arise, and provide a level of service that will be recognized and remembered. Our catering chefs will make sure that every plate is served well with finely crafted food, delivering beautifully presented dishes to your guests.

Catering Service

Price available upon request

At South Country Garden, we cater to some of the most memorable events in Laguna. We offer, in-house catering and we also offer outside catering. Whether you’re having a huge event at a venue, or you want to serve your friends at the comfort of your home, our catering team is here for you. Our team will make sure that the menu is seasonal, fresh, and customized to your tastes. Our private chefs and waiters will ensure that everything is prepared, plated, and served, to your exact standards. 


If you’re looking for something delicious, we have a variety of options to choose from. Food platters, stationary salads, appetizers, and main courses that will surely be enjoyed by everyone, while at the same time keeping your costs down.


Additional Services

Aside from catering we also have other services that will complete your special day. Our planners collaborate with you to develop a clear vision of your event tailored specifically to your budget and needs. From staffing and equipment rental to floorplan designs we ensure that everything is solved. It’s our mission to fulfill your requests, and have the ability to provide you and your guests the best event.