How it all Started

Our story

little history

What started out as a dream for Mrs. Eliza Dulay-Matic has now turned into a reality. It took them years to build their event's place and catering service in Laguna, and they are still growing to become the most awesome place for different occasions. The place has been offering affordable and amazing event package with customizable services that will suit every client budget. They are also expanding their business to cater to a bigger number of guests to accommodate more people in a more convenient place. South Country Garden is a product of hard work, patience, and trust in the Lord. Now it is their turn to give back by providing a luxurious yet affordable event's place and event's planning and catering for their clients. Together with their team of professionals, they will make every important celebration a perfect day to enjoy for you and your guests.

The Small Details

With an open floor plan that can host from 250 up to 350 guests, South Country Garden is flexible for seating arrangements and can be spatially designed to meet every client's preferences. We also offer private suites for every guest, designed with natural light and spacious floor plans to provide you the best and most comfortable place to stay before, during, and after your event. All suites are designed with a stunning neutral color that is perfect for pre-event photoshoots. South Country Garden provides full customization of your event which is designed to cater to all your needs. The inclusivity of our amenities enables remarkable ease for planning and coordinating any event. 

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As a premier event venue located at Santa Rosa City, Laguna South Country Garden is always available for seven days a week for wedding, debut, birthday, baptism, private party, conference, and company gathering. Offering a spacious garden and pavilion that has a maximum capacity of good 250-350 guests in a beautifully landscaped surrounding.

South Country Garden is an ideal place for all your special event needs. It is a true haven for all occasions. We also offer catering service, event planning, styling and so much more. South Country Garden is the perfect place to hold meaningful events worth remembering.